Our full spectrum, turn-key  consultancy services include:

  • space assessment

  • art project evaluation

  • refurbishment of exisiting artwork

  • integration of new with existing artwork

  • framing, and display consultation

  • selection guidance

  • delivery and installation management

  • documentation of all art pieces 

  • negotiation, management of art commissions                 

Prior to launching CAC LLC,

Bourgeois enjoyed 25 years in the corporate world, and 13 years in the art world.


So, Bourgeois easily navigates business cultures to assess, advise and procure art to enhance work spaces, support client image and convey company brand.


She speaks corporate.


She speaks design.


She speaks art.



Collaborating with clients and the artist on a custon art piece is rewarding for all parties.


Maintaining a client-centric approach guarantees the finished product meets all the space criteria and most importantly, the preferences of the client.


And the longevity of the commissioned work as well as the exponential benefits for the space it occupies are without limit.

Charlotte Art Consultants

was launched in 2007 to fill the void in a local, unlimited and objective art source.

Bourgeois accepted the challenge posed by commerical architects and designers. Their clients deserved stellar art choices...lots of them...to complete their design project.

By design, (couldn't resist), we are an independent firm that works for and with our clients,  We represent the client's needs, and have no incentive to recommend particular artists.